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Monday through Friday
Time Program Host / Producer
12:00:00 amHaven Today (Tues.-Sat.)Haven Ministries
12:00:00 amSounds of Majesty (Mon Only)Greg Wheatley
12:25:00 amMy Money LifeChuck Bentley
12:30:00 amTruth For LifeAlistair Begg
12:55:00 amSRN NewsMoody Broadcasting Network
01:00:00 amMusic Through The NightMike Kellogg, MBN
02:00:00 amUnshackledPacific Garden Mission
 05:00:00amHaven Today Charles Morris
 05:26:00amFamily News In FocusStuart Shepard
05:30:00 amWalk In The WordDr. James McDonald
05:55:00 amListenTo The BibleMax McLean
06:00:00 amSRN NewsMoody Broadcasting Network
06:05:00 amRise N' ShineScott Young/Bob Horstman
06:30:00 amOhio News and SportsScott Young/Bob Horstman
06:45:00 amStories/Great ChristiansMoody Bible Institute
07:03:00 amFamily News In FocusStuart Shepard
07:15:00 am

WTGN Update

Scott Young

07:25:00 amBirthdaysScott Young/Bob Horstman
07:45:00 amSportsSRN Network
08:02:00 amBreakpointChuck Colson, Prison Fellowship
08:10:00 amBible ReadingMrs. Art Arthur
08:30:00 amTruth for LifeAlistair Begg
08:56:00 amA Word With YouRon Hutchcraft
08:58:00 amTreasure From The WordDr. Adrian Rogers
09:05:00 amPrayertimeLocal Pastors
09:30:00 amInsight For LivingChuck Swindoll
09:59:00 amUpwordsMax Lucado
10:02:00 amReal Family Life TodayDennis Rainey
10:05:00 amChristian HomeBob Horstman
10:30:00 am

WTGN Update

Scott Young
11:02:00 amFocus On The FamilyJim Daly
11:30:00 amRevive Our HeartsNancy Leigh DeMoss
11:55:00 amA Quick WordBeth Moore
11:58:00 amLighthouse ReportSteve Douglas
12:05:00 pmOhio News And SportsScott Young/Bob Horstman
12:10:00 pmMission Network NewsGreg Yoder
12:15:00 pmKey LifeSteve Brown
12:30:00 pmTurning PointDr. David Jeremiah
1:05:00 pmMid Day PraisePraise and Worship (Monday)
1:05:00 pmMid Day PraiseSouthern Gospel (Tuesday)
1:05:00 pmMid Day PraiseHymns (Wednesday)
1:05:00 pmMid Day PraiseHymns Southern Gospel Artists (Thursday)
1:05:00 pmMid Day PraiseVintage WTGN (Friday)
2:05:00 pmIn TouchDr. Charles Stanley
2:30:00 pmThe AlternativeDr. Tony Evans
2:55:00 pmBreakpointCharles Colson
2:59:00 pmLife IssuesBrad Mattes
3:05 - 5:45 pmAfternoon PraiseEric Nichols
3:30:00 pmMy Money LifeChuck Bentley
3:45:00 pmReligion RoundupEric Nichols
4:02:00 pmJoni And FriendsJoni Eareckson Tada
4:25:00 pmToday In History/BirthdaysEric Nichols
4:30:00 pmAdventures in OdysseyFocus On The Family
4:55:00 pmA Word With YouRon Hutchcraft
5:02:00 pmOhio News, Sports, WeatherEric Nichols
5:15:00 pmLighten UpKen Davis
5:30:00 pmFamily News In FocusStuart Shepard
5:45:00 pmRunning To WinDr. Erwin Lutzer
6:05:00 pmBack To The BibleDr. Woodrow Kroll
6:30:00pmThruThe BibleDr. J. VernonMcGee
6:59:00 pmBack To GenesisDr. John Morris
7:02:00 pmLeagal AlertDavid Gibbs
7:05:00 pmEvensongEric Nichols
7:30:00 pmReal Family LifeDennis Rainey
7:45:00 pmLaw and JusticeJay Sekulow
8:02:00 pmFocus On The FamilyJim Daly
8:30:00 pmUnshackledPacific Garden Mission
9:15:00 pm

WTGN Update

Scott Young
9:45:00 pmTreasure from the WordDr. Adrian Rogers
10:02:00 pmGrace To YouDr. John MacArthur
10:30:00 pmNightsoundsBill Pearce
11:00:0 pmSRN NewsSalem Radio Netowrk
11:04:00 pmWalk In The WordDr. James McDonald
11:30:00mListen To The BibleMax McLean
11:34:00 pm
Living On The EdgeChip Ingram